Monday, August 30, 2004

Why am i always late?

You know, it doesn't matter if I wake up 3 hours earlier I will always still be late. For instance:

Sunday morning: We are getting ready for church. We're doing great time wise and then it happens. I see the MB has decided to take his diaper off and poop in the floor. Ick. It gets worse. I discover he's walked in it and tracked it all in the carpet. Why Lord Why??? We get *it* cleaned up. We clean MB up. We're late. I'm running to the closet to find my shoes when I step in something mushy. We missed a spot. Ugh. Kids are gross.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Oh, i'm Laffing...

From CNN:

Abercrombie & Fitch pokes fun at West Virginia, again
CHARLESTON, West Virginia (AP) -- Abercrombie & Fitch is poking fun at West Virginia with a T-shirt again, this one reading: "West Virginia: No Lifeguard at the Gene Pool."

It would be even more funny if it was for Alabama.

Monday, August 23, 2004

I'm hooked

On the Olympics that is. I find myself staying up later than usual just to watch. Sure i love it when the USA wins but i'm also one of those idiots that love it when a country wins a medal in something they never have before. I'm the type that hates to see someone lose. Maybe i'm the loser for thinking that way.

Friday, August 20, 2004

He made a 100!

My nephew made a 100 on his spelling test today. This is amazing news. People that know his situation know this is a huge step for the little guy. I'm so proud of him!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

La phew!

While reading Mingaling this morning i suddenly freaked that i might have to renew my license in a month. I didn't want to be put through that torture so i killed myself trying to find my purse to look and see when they expired. 2006...Laphew.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

In Mountain Mama's perfect world...

I would wake up every morning looking perfect.

I would never run out of gas in my car.

When i came home from work my house would be clean and supper cooked.

I would be able to zap people and get rid of them if they pissed me off while driving.

I would travel some place wonderful once a month.

MB would go to bed without one fuss or cry.

I could eat any stinking thing i wanted and still look slim and trim.

That is all for now.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Life is so scary

I'm the type of person who will worry about anything so when i read an article about a 3 year old boy choking to death on popcorn at a movie theater i can start to feel the anxiety rise in my body.

Since having MB i have found myself worrying even more if that could even be possible. His parents were right there and still couldn't save him. It's times like these that i wish i could just keep MB in a bubble so nothing can ever hurt him.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Who will be arrested this week?

One of my hobbies during the week is to open up the local paper and see if i know anyone who has been arrested. I usually know one or two. Last Friday i didn't even have to open up the paper because on the front page was a boy i went to school with and had the same homeroom with for 4 years. He decided "After watching a movie about bank robberies and since money had started to get tight" that he would rob the local credit union.

Mistake #1: he drove his own vehicle which happened to be a lifted truck and red.
Mistake #2: he had his PERSONALIZED license plate in the back window.
Mistake #3: Don't take your red ski mask off in the parking lot while people are watching you.


Friday, August 13, 2004

Toys, Toys and more Toys!

I went to my first *toy* party last night. I'm ashamed that i spent enough money to get a free gift out of the prize box. :/

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Having a baby changes everything...

Before Mountain Boy (MB) i could stay up late and it wouldn't bother me. Now i try to get in bed when he does because i know it could be a long night.

Before MB I would have the mornings to myself to get ready and watch the news or Today Show. Now i'm running around trying to keep MB off the furniture while i apply my mascara.

Before MB I could turn on the t.v. and watch my favorite shows. Now the station is pretty much set on Playhouse Disney. "He's Rollie Pollie Ollie..."

Change is good.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Grocery Stores

I'm sure my friend can relate to this post.
Where i live you are classified by where you buy groceries. These are the people you normally find at the following places:


I will admit that i shopped here once. Once was enough. You can only shop at this store if you plan on paying with food stamps and your WIC card. Everything is off brand. It's a good day if you find something with a name brand.

Food Lion

*Heathens* shop here. We are supposed to be boycotting them for selling alcohol. My mom, who is in charge of the women's ministry at church, shops here. Therefore, she's a heathen. :)


Any person with any dignity or class will shop here. People are actually normal and decent and not scary to look at. This, my friends, is where i spend my money.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004


I put supper in the crockpot this morning. I came home this afternoon and as i was carrying Max through the door he goes "Shooo Mama" Ya, thanks kid. No supper for him tonight!

Monday, August 09, 2004

To Each Their Own...

On my way to work this morning i'm just baffled at why people do certain things.
For instance, the guy in the brown house that has two fake deer in the front yard. Why? Does he think they look real? Does he think other people think they look real?

Another example is the lady on the hill. She has planted flowers to spell out VOLS. She has orange and white bows all over her fence. This is DAWG country, lady. You're just asking for some redneck to come and run their jacked up truck through that *lovely* flower bed of yours.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

100 Things About M.M.

I thought i would start my blog off with a "getting to know you" post. Ladies and Gentlemen, i give you 100 fascinating things you should know about Mountain Mama...

1. I was born in Naples, Florida.
2. I moved to North Georgia when i was 8.
3. I have 2 brothers.
4. I adore them.
5.I'm the middle child.
6. I got married when i was 20.
7. I dated my husband for 3 years.
8. We've been married for 5 years.
9. We have an 18month old son.
10. Son is into everything.
11. I work in a family business.
12. We sell land and build homes.
13. I love my job.
14. Most people can't work with their family. I can.
15. I suffer from severe anxiety attacks.
16. I'm on medication to stop them.
17. I haven't had one in a year and a half.
18. The medicine makes me gain weight.
19. Would i rather be fat then have the attacks? Yes.
20. I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the U.S..
21. My home is a log cabin.
22. We are trying to sell it to build something larger.
23. I love television.
24. I love to watch reality shows, cooking shows and QVC.
25. I have a problem with spending money.
26. I spend too much of it.
27. I could be classified as a shopaholic.
28. I hate the 10th of the month. Bill Paying Time.
29. I would love to go to cooking school.
30. Sometimes i pretend i'm a famous chef.
31. I love to plant flowers.
32. I love to travel.
33. Cruising has become an obsession.
34. I've only cruised on Carnival.
35. I've been in the middle of the ocean on New Year's Eve twice. Amazing Feeling.
36. I've snorkeled in Cozumel. Once while i was pregnant. Once when i wasn't.
37. I would love to own hundreds of acres so i could own as many dogs as i wanted.
38. I smile everytime i see a dog.
39. I like to name my dogs after cities (Jasper, Memphis)
40. I enjoy winter more than summer.
41. Cold air makes me feel alive.
42. I enjoy waking up and realizing I get a snow day off from work.
43. My son amazes me everyday.
44. I want 2 more kids.
45. Family is very important to me.
46. My whole family lives in the same town.
47. I am a Christian.
48. I have attended the same Baptist church for 18 years.
49. I was saved on my birthday when i was 9.
50. I believe that with GOD all things are possible.
51. My husband is my best friend.
52. He cooks and cleans.
53. I feel blessed to have him.
54. I like to Ebay stuff to make extra money.
55. I enjoy finding bargains.
56. I automatically go to the sales rack when i enter a store.
57. I rarely talk to my best friends from highschool.
58. That makes me sad.
59. I hate snakes and wish they didn't exist.
60. I despise motorcycles.
61. I tend to bite my nails.
62. I have about 15 pairs of black shoes.
63. I still have my skinny clothes in my closet. Maybe someday...
64. I weigh more now then when i was 9 months pregnant.
65. I enjoy decorating.
66. I have been told i do a good job and have an eye for it.
67. I enjoy being in charge for certain task.
68. I like to plan.
69. I'm organized in all other places of my life except at my home.
70. I enjoy scrapbooking.
71. At one time i have spent over $100 on stickers and paper.
72. Again, i like to spend money.
73. My husband and I bought a car off of Ebay without even seeing it in person.
74. We love it.
75. Sometimes i think i'm spoiled more than blessed.
76. I have been apart of a chat board for over 7 years.
77. I still talk to the same majority of the women almost everyday.
78. I consider some of them to be closer to me then my friends that live here.
79. All of my grandparents are deceased.
80. I missed not growing up around them.
81. I sleep with a pillow between my knees.
82. I love to take naps.
83. I loved my hair when it was long.
84. I wish i had never cut it off.
85. My natural hair color is almost black.
86. I haven't been that color since my junior year in highschool.
87. I was voted biggest flirt my senior year.
88. I have been a contestant in Miss Teen Georgia twice.
89. I lost.
90. I like buying from ABC Distributing and LTD Commodities.
91. I only own 1 major credit card.
92. That is enough.
93. The best concert i've ever been to was Bon Jovi.
94. I wish i could travel more.
95. I want to see New York and take a carriage ride through central park.
96. I have brown eyes.
97. I wore a size 7 1/2 shoe for years and now i'm in a size 8.
98. I'm medium height.
99. I enjoy reading when i have time and a toddler isn't climbing all over me.
100. I wouldn't trade my life for anything in the world!